Norfolk TPA: working for lower Council Tax

Norfolk TPA campaigners met with senior members of Norfolk County and South Norfolk District Councils yesterday to discuss how the County and District can achieve tax cuts for hard-working families across Norfolk next year. 


Our senior campaigners Tony Flynn, Barbara Lockwood and Tony Callaghan met with Cllr Daniel Cox (Leader of Norfolk County Council) and both Beverley Spratt and Cllr Martin Wilby, the Deputy Leader of South Norfolk District Council.  Tony Flynn gives his report of the meeting here:


TonyflynnAfter introductions and some small talk, we established the purpose of the meeting. It was agreed that taxation at its present high level was now creating enormous problems for the majority of the people of Norfolk, the average income for most people being well below the average income for London and the South East of England.

All present put the case for lower taxes, showing examples of other councils having cut their Council Taxes and that we need to work together for lower taxes.  We know lower taxes work and that the people support them.  Part of the reason we turned up was to show the strength of feeling for lower taxes. 


After some discussion, we know we have to keep up the pressure and inform the council as to how we can help them cut taxes.  Then moving on, it was decided that we form an agenda along these lines and meet again at South Norfolk House on Wednesday May the 21st at 11am. This meeting will be to agree the agenda and then to agree a date and time for a Public Meeting for lower taxes, also at South Norfolk House to include all eight MPs representing Norfolk. As the instigator of this approach to Politics and Local Democracy, I take it upon myself to encourage all Members of Parliament to attend.

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