Note to Basildon Council - you are being watched...

A TPA activist has alerted us to this shocking example of government waste in
Basildon Council:


"Inclusion & Diversity Manager To £43,233 plus PRP (subject to review) A
hands-on, determined manager is now required with a real understanding of the complex legislation and issues associated with equality and diversity. You will need to deliver initiatives in all diversity disciplines, including cultural change programmes and involvement with both the community and business sectors.  Not only will you need to be able to identify and justify your own objectives, you will be involved in making decisions that impact on our overall agenda and strategy. You must have the skills to influence and effect strategy at senior management level with both officers and members."


Despite the fact that Basildon taxpayers are facing ever higher council tax rates, supposedly to pay for vital local services, the council has somehow found enough money to employ an "Inclusion and Diversity Manager" at £43,233 pa!


I suppose we can draw some comfort from the fact that the bureaucrats are
beginning to realise that all these laws are "complex".  However, rather than
solving this complexity by simply slashing the huge amounts of legislation and
red tape concerning "equality and diversity", they have instead decided to
waste more of taxpayers money to hire non-jobbers to translate the gibberish.


If you are sick of being forced to subsidise the agenda of a politically correct
bureaucratic class then write to:


Letters Editor
The Basildon Evening Echo
Newspaper House
Chester Hall Lane
SS14 3BL
Email: [email protected]


And the leader of Basildon Council, Cllr. Malcolm Buckley:


Cllr Buckley
The Basildon Centre
St. Martin's Square
SS14 1DL
Email: [email protected]

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