Our latest report launched by Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock

We were pleased to be joined this morning by the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP, at an event to launch a new TPA report on introducing more automation and technology in to health and social care.

He welcomed the report's findings and agreed that technology has the power to deliver better services - and save lives.

It's exciting to have a Cabinet minister join us for a high-profile event, with TV crews in attendance. It shows that we are going some way to achieve part of our mission:

To speak up for taxpayers to those in power and bring our vision to the heart of government

The report - and its launch with the Secretary of State - was covered in the Telegraph, and the Sun and its findings include:

  • The potential value of time released for NHS staff through improved productivity from increased automation is estimated to be £12.5 billion a year

  • The social care sector could similarly save £5.9 billion annually by improved productivity from accelerated automation

  • These combine to give potential annual savings of up to £18.5 billion by 2030

But there's more to do. The tax burden at a 50-year high. The NHS has been promised tens of billions of extra taxpayers' money. So we have to find ways to ensure that our money is not simply poured down the drain.

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