Parents who don't like SATs should be able to do more than answer a survey

Today the Telegraph reports that nine out of ten parents want to see the SATs system scrapped:


"More than 85 per cent said exams for 11-year-olds should be abolished, said the study. The majority want them to be replaced by a system of teacher assessment - when staff judge pupil performance by checking their work through the year. It will pile pressure on the Government to drop the controversial tests, which are taken by 600,000 pupils in England every year."


We need an education system where parents can do more than express their distaste for SATs in a national survey. If parents were given control of the education system, by allowing them to choose between different competing schools, then they could make sure SATs are scrapped by refusing to send their children to a school which ran the exams.  They wouldn't be left waiting for the government to catch up.

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