Paying for Aunty

After calling for ‘wage restraint’ at the BBC, it has been revealed that the chairman of the BBC Trust, Sir Michael Lyons, earns £213,000. This represents a 33% pay rise from last year and places him comfortably in the top 0.6% of earners in the UK. Lucky him. The only problem: you’re footing the bill.


I don’t pay a license fee because I find it morally questionable – that and the fact that I don’t have a TV. But for those of you who do shell out £139.20 a year, do you really expect this money to end up in Sir Michael’s pockets? I would imagine not. I would think that when you write out that cheque you are hoping that it goes towards providing quality BBC programming. I’m just not sure how a chairman’s income fits into that.


It gets worse. Sir Michael isn’t the only BBC staff member who earns a top income thanks to your hard earned money. He is only one of 383 employees earning over £100,000 annually and one of 701 staff earning above £70,000 a year.


Is this seriously how you think your money should be spent?


I thought we were in the middle of a recession. How can it be possible that these public servants are getting pay rises and salaries of £70k+ while we all sit around hoping that our jobs still exist next month.


Sir Michael wants ‘wage restraint’? Maybe he should lead by example. I think he could stand to shave a couple thousand off his income..


Another man who dislikes license fees: John Kelly. Ironically, you can read more about him on the BBC's website:

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