Political-Correctness in Cornwall

TPA supporter Richard Jones has let us know of some political-correctness-gone-mad down in Cornwall.  Local resident Denis Lusby had been publishing a community magazine with news and the odd smattering of humour until the local (*drumroll*) ‘head of equality and diversity’ at Cornwall County Council urged local schools to boycott the newsletter.


The ‘head of equality and diversity’ at Cornwall County Council objected to the humour (and you’ve got to be pretty humourless to work in an equality and diversity directorate).  She found it grossly offensive that some of the jokes were ‘Irish jokes’.  But Denis is Irish himself, taking the jokes as humour rather than ethnic slur, as any balanced individual would take them.


Not surprisingly, the robotic arm of local bureaucracy didn't see sense and continued a campaign against him and now the Newsletter, informing a close-knit rural community of local goings-on, awaits someone else to take over publication…always under the watchful eye of the Sauron-esque equality and diversity officer.


Can’t councils do something better than interfering in our lives.  We want our taxes to support services and not these meddling bureaucrats trying to regulate every single thing we do.


As always, therefore, protest.  Here is the council address of Cornwall County Council’s ‘equality and diversity’ manager, Ginny Harrison-White:


Ginny Harrison-White
16 Carolyn Road
St. Austell
PL25 4AJ
Phone/fax: 01726 77113
Email: [email protected]


Also write to the Western Morning News to garner more exposure:


Letters Editor
Western Morning News
17 Brest Road
Email:  [email protected]


And/or the Cornish Guardian


Letters Editor
The Cornish Guardian
St Austell Guardian
3 Fore Street
St. Austell
Email:  [email protected]


And/or The Cornish and Devon Post


Letters Editor
Cornish & Devon Post
Tindle House
Westgate Street
Tel: 01566 772424
Fax: 01566 778243
Email: [email protected]


We have to let these bureaucrats in Town Halls know that we’re not going to be dictated to.  It is one thing to have them meddling like this, it’s an insult to injury to know our taxes are being paid to unelected officers who want to regulate our daily lives.  Tell them what you think.  Tell them we’ve had enough!

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