Well done to TPA supporter Roger Baker!  He’s scored a double hit on over-spending Suffolk county council.  When we went all out to highlight and expose the £220,000 salary Andrea Hill picked up as the new chief executive of the council, the lackeys retorted that it was essential to get a quality chief executive. 


In two letters Roger has destroyed that weak excuse, which you can read at the bottom of this post.  For you see, Ms Hill is so careful with taxpayers’ money that she’s shelling out £400,000 of your money to send 1,000 council staff on a “leadership communication programme” complete with psychological testing. 


Naturally, if you think this is a bad way to spend taxpayers’ money, visit our previous blog here to hold Suffolk’s councillors to account.  If you want to contact Andrea Hill, I’m afraid you’ll have to email her through her secretary: [email protected]


This just shows how valuable our grassroots supporters are to the campaign.  While we can only find and do so much at the centre, you’re invaluable in being our eyes and ears on the ground.  If you spot your council behaving badly with your money, let us know like Roger did.  The more waste we dig up the more we can tell people how realistic lower taxes are.  Furthermore we can drum it into the politicians’ heads that they need to get a grip on their officer corps and stop the over-spending.  If not, they’ll have thousands of TPA emails sat in their inboxes. 


Here's a copy of the letter Roger sent sent to Suffolk's chief executive.  I'm sure you'll agree it's superb:


"Dear Mrs Hill


Congratulations ! You now have the rare distinction of having figured twice in the “Rotten Boroughs” section of “Private Eye” – see the attached copies of both articles.


You will notice that your actions have further confirmed the reputation of Suffolk as a county of “yokels” who are governed by a “Round the Bend” administration (“Private Eye’s” words, not mine).


I wrote to all recipients of this letter in the 13th October suggesting that the expenditure of £400,000 on a “communicational psychology” course was not something that should be contemplated during these straitened times, but the only reply I received was from Jeremy Pembroke who, of course, defended it to the hilt, thereby confirming the widespread belief that the elected councillors’ motto is “Fill your boots – it’s only taxpayers’ money, and there’s always more where that came from”


When are you going to start behaving in a manner which portrays Suffolk in a positive light and which acknowledges that, in the real world outside the public sector, taxpayers are suffering?


Yours sincerely


Roger Baker"


Councillors and officers – you have been warned!


Click to enlarge:







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