Residents charged for cleaning up their street

Clown City Council bureaucrats are at it again.  After we blogged here about Herefordshire council ordering a local resident to stop cutting a grass verge by his home neglected by the council, the council leader apologised after we brought it to his attention.


Today the Daily Express (not online) reports that officials from Adur council in Sussex have fined a local residents group for cleaning up their street.  A group of community spirited residents banded together, raked up leaves and tidied their street – good for them.  But the council have said they will have to charge the residents £43 to take the rubbish away.


What the hell are Adur council’s taxpayers paying their council tax for?  The council themselves should be sweeping the streets in the first place!


Email the leader of the Council, Neil Parkin, and ask him to intervene to drop the charge on these local taxpayers and have the waste collected.  Taxpayers pay their rates for a frontline service, not to be threatened with fines when people step in to do the work the council should be doing.  Adur council increased its council tax by almost 5% last year.  And for what?  Certainly not increased street sweeping.  So let’s make a stand and get Adur council to do what taxpayers expect the council to do in the first place.

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