Response to Archbishop Welby's TUC Speech

In response to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s calls for cooperation between the Church of England and trade unions to ‘hold big companies to account’, James Price, Campaign Manager at the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said:

“The TaxPayers’ Alliance has been holding the powerful to account for 15 years, fighting the burden of high taxes on individuals, families and companies.

"With the tax burden in the UK at a near 50-year high and economic growth sluggish, the last thing hard-pressed taxpayers need is an unholy alliance of opinionated bishops and greedy union barons. The Archbishop should stick to his important theological work and keep out of political spats.

"To suggest that there is only one way of helping the less well-off is wrong; history shows that a poisonous cocktail of higher taxes and more state meddling will do more harm than good."


Charles Walker, Member of Parliament for Broxbourne, said:

"The Archbishop of Canterbury is becoming increasingly involved in politics. Of course, he is entitled to do this. However, he should have the courage to remove his dog collar and promote his views from the same position as any other politician. 

"There are a diversity of views as to what is best for the economy, but the Archbishop only seems interested in presenting John McDonnell's point of view."


Parliamentary Media Contact:

Charles Walker MP
Member of Parliament for Broxbourne
[email protected] 

TPA spokesmen are available for live and pre-recorded broadcast interviews via 07795 084 113 (no texts)

Media contact:

James Price, Campaign Manager

[email protected]
24-hour media hotline: 07795 084 113 (no texts)

  1. Founded in 2004 by Matthew Elliott and Andrew Allum, and now with 80,000 supporters, the TaxPayers’ Alliance (TPA) fights to reform taxes, reduce spending and protect taxpayers. Find out more about the TaxPayers' Alliance at

  2. TaxPayers' Alliance's advisory council.

  3. You can read James Price's Times piece on Archbishop Welby's tax plans here.
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