Rewards for management failure

When Mark Rees was head of the Barking, Havering and Redbridge Trust he sacked 600 workers and cut 190 beds in order to try and bring the trust's finances under control (reported in the Daily Mail - not online).  These are similar measures to the ones Rose Gibb, who - in a strange quirk of fate - is his partner, put in place that contributed to the tragic outbreak of C. difficile that killed at least 90 people.  They have failed to restore the trust's finances and it was £30 million in debt when he stepped down "amid claims of weak leadership".




Despite this he is to get a £170,000 payoff with £127,500 for nine months pay in lieu of a notice period and £42,500 for 'loss of office'.  Taxpayers shouldn't be made to pay such extravagant rewards to managers who fail so thoroughly.  Unfortunately, the recent TaxPayers' Alliance Public Sector Rich List showed numerous cases of such rewards for failure.

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