Salisbury sizzles in support of Stop the Energy Swindle

TPA supporters rallied outside Salisbury’s Georgian Guildhall to launch our ‘Stop the Energy Swindle’ campaign in Wiltshire’s beautiful cathedral city. Overlooking the historic Market Square, it proved a good place to chat to shoppers and market traders on a busy market day.

‘High energy bills hit independent traders very much,’ says South West grassroots coordinator Tim Newark, ‘ adding yet another layer of cost alongside their business rates and rent. It’s a cost they then have to pass on to the consumer, so we all lose. Just so the government can subsidise ridiculously expensive alternative energy sources.’

‘Ordinary people still trust government to do what is right,’ says Salisbury TPA supporter Paul Cunningham, ‘but the truth about the astonishingly blinkered and inefficient energy policies that the government is pursuing will truly shock many.’

‘The aim of this action day in Salisbury,’ continues Paul, ‘is to explain to the people that matter, the voters, how hard pressed householders are being made to pay an ever steeper price for energy taxes that encourage inefficiency and enrich landowners and investors in expensive and ineffective “renewable” energy schemes. Current energy policy is driven by flawed thinking and is costing the UK jobs by the thousand: and all of it paid for by the every single one of us every time we pay our power bills.’

As our TPA team enjoyed a well-earned drink in the Red Lion hotel, one sharp-eyed supporter noted that the local council had booked three rooms in the hotel for a council meeting at a rough cost of  £750 of taxpayers’ money—why don’t they just use their council offices a few streets away?

If you too are fed-up with sky-high energy bills, click on and a letter will automatically be sent to your local MP.

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