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Recent blogs:

Why should the TPA Stand Against Socialism?

Our chief executive John O'Connell analyses the ever increasing size of government and why the TaxPayers' Alliance must tackle corporatism, statism and socialism head on.

10 Things No One Tells You About Living Under Socialism

Policy analyst Ben Ramanauskas looks 10 terrible things about living under socliasm.

Socialism is not the answer to crony capitalism

Capitalism has an image problem. It is seen as an unfair system, which enriches a small group of elites at the expense of everybody else. That doesn't mean that socialism is the answer though.

Learning lessons from across the world

Campaign manager Chloe Westley writes on the numerous examples where socialism has been tried and inevitably failed around the world, most notably Venezuela.

What does the TPA offer a young person from the Midlands? They made him a blogger

Office volunteer James Middleton explains why young people should stand against socialism and support the TPA in their efforts for a better tax system that helps the poorest in society most.

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