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Join us to take a Stand Against Socialism


The TaxPayers' Alliance "Stand Against Socialism" campaign has been making the case for freedom.

As we've seen across the world, communism continues to destroy prosperity and undermine people's liberty. From causing food shortages and power outages, to censoring the internet and hampering the progress of technology, socialist policies always end in tears.

Take a look at our Little Red Book for a pocket guide to the uncomfortable truths the hard left like to ignore.

At the same time, we've been arguing for free markets and free people which have made the whole world richer, made people more equal, and brought freedom of speech and freedom of choice to billions of people.

Our Freedom Factbook highlights the benefits of economic liberty, and a pro-enterprise attitude, which embraces innovation with lower, simpler taxes funding better public services.

These two booklets, along with all of our other campaign articles, blogs and briefing notes, are designed to give you the tools to fight the battle for freedom.

Recent blog posts:

Extinction or Enterprise?

In the current climate, some socialists would love you to think that they’re the only ones who care about our planet. However, the reality is clear: it is capitalism that is working to save our planet.

Freedom Works

We all know that freedom works. For the economy, lower taxes and minimal but robust regulation create the space for innovation and rapid growth. Rich societies mean less poverty and greater equality.

Bucket and spade or hammer and sickle? The sad realities of a socialist holiday

Over past decades travelling the world has become easier than ever, a triumph of technology and free markets. As a result, the amount of trips that Britons are taking each year are near record highs, and that should come as no surprise. Yet not every country has embraced the opportunities offered by easier and cheaper travel.

Safeguarding Silicon Valley

More than ever, we are faced with the threat of curbs to internet freedom from all across the world. Social media is a great output to exercise accountability and freedom of expression; and it is this reason that it is under threat in socialist countries worldwide. We must ensure this form of government intervention finds no foothold in this country too.

Greek voters - socialism's Achilles' heel?

It has been tragic to see a proud country, like Greece, brought to its knees in the global recession. But as the Syriza experiment has shown, radical socialist government is not all it is cracked up to be.

Scandinavian socialism?

Denmark is certainly not a utopian socialist state, and the last thing we should do is take inspiration from their mistakes. We should learn from their successes, and liberalise our economy even further.

The worst products of socialism

Over the years socialist countries have produced some truly abysmal products. When workers are stripped of economic incentives market signals are severely distorted. This blog post highlights some of the worst goods and services ever produced by socialism.

Quotes from comrades

Monday mornings can be tough so we've put together a list of motivational and inspirational quotes from fellow comrades!

5 Daily Realities Living Under Socialism

From expecting less than the essentials to queuing for absolutely everything, and from waiting 10-15 years to buy an apartment to having to avoid jokes, this is what daily life was like in the socialist utopia.

Shooting down the red barons

In the 1970’s, Britain watched in horror as a small minority of militant activists, hell bent on causing as much disruption as possible, mobilised the trade unions to bring the country to its knees.

The Nanny State

When your goal is to create self-reliant and sensible citizens, there’s nothing worse than when others interfere.

Forcing people to be socialists

Socialism is an authoritarian ideology. It doesn’t trust people to make their own decisions and creates, by its nature, an elitist hierarchy where a few technocrats set plans to suit an entire population. It also kills.

When privatisation works

Privatisation of the Royal Mail has worked, general performance has improved and customers are satisfied with both the service and value for money.


Economic policies across the commonwealth

Today marks the 70th anniversary of the modern Commonwealth. To mark this auspicious occasion, let’s take a look at some of the economic policies of our friends around the world to see what they can teach us.

Che Guevara t-shirts aren't woke

The terrorist chic of the Che Guevara t-shirt has had remarkable staying power. If you put his name into eBay, you get a staggering 36,000 results. Yet leading figures on the left and their media cheerleaders have long excused him.

Socialism and the right to say, read, think and do

The freedom to question and criticise the government is essential for any free and democratic society. Journalists and ordinary citizens should absolutely have the right to hold those in elected office accountable for their actions. In the United Kingdom, the media and journalists are free to investigate and criticise those in power, and citizens are free to express their approval (or otherwise) of the decisions made by the government.

What does the TPA offer a young person from the Midlands? They made him a blogger

Office volunteer James Middleton explains why young people should stand against socialism and support the TPA in their efforts for a better tax system that helps the poorest in society most.

Learning lessons from across the world

Campaign manager Chloe Westley writes on the numerous examples where socialism has been tried and inevitably failed around the world, most notably Venezuela.

Socialism is not the answer to crony capitalism

Capitalism has an image problem. It is seen as an unfair system, which enriches a small group of elites at the expense of everybody else. That doesn't mean that socialism is the answer though.

10 Things No One Tells You About Living Under Socialism

Policy analyst Ben Ramanauskas looks 10 terrible things about living under socialism.

Why should the TPA Stand Against Socialism?

Our chief executive John O'Connell analyses the ever increasing size of government and why the TaxPayers' Alliance must tackle corporatism, statism and socialism head on.

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