Shocking bonuses at the BBC

Bbc_3Trust in the BBC is non-existent. Its most popular programmes were recently rumbled, exposing a widespread phone-in scam that fleeced thousands of license-fee payers who thought they were taking part in legitimate competitions. They were even caught out in the Telegraph this morning by digitally generating parts of their ‘factual’ programming.


The BBC name is now associated with left-wing bias, incompetence and mistrust. So, our readers will be incensed to hear that the BBC has gone on a bonus-spending-spree, handing out £20 MILLION worth of bonuses to its employees. In a shocking INCREASE on last year’s bonuses, the equivalent to 143,000 license fees were handed to BBC staff in what has been assumed to be its worst year on record.


Are we getting value for money? Not in anyone’s books.


In the real world – usually outside the domain of government subsides and state monopolies – when someone fails miserably, they don’t receive a bonus. But things are different for the Beeb. They argue their bonuses are part of the staff’s “contractual entitlement”, meaning there is no incentive whatsoever to provide high-quality programming, impartial news and worthwhile entertainment.


This is what happens when there’s no competition on the box. We have to pay a tax to even be allowed to watch TV – a levy going to subsidise the BBC who quite clearly aren’t worth the money. Let’s scrap the TV tax and see if the BBC survives on subscriptions from those who actually want to pay for the BBC. If it’s good for other TV stations, it’s good for the BBC too.

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