Shocking contempt

The News of the World ran an expose yesterday on MEPs taking advantage of their allowances. It's common knowledge that MEPs, faced with even less scrutiny than MPs in Westminster, have a sizeable gravy train at their disposal. What was really shocking about the story, other than the sheer amount of taxpayers' money sloshing around without proper controls, was the arrogance of one MEP the NOTW interviewed.


Faced with a series of questions about the amount he pays to his wife and formerly to his son, gave this as his answer to the British public, Sir Robert Atkins answered:

"It's very complicated and I don't suppose any of your readers would understand it."

Well, if there was a question as to whether he is out of touch or contemptuous of the British public, I think that settles it, don't you?


Should you wish to put him right about the cognitive capacity of the voting, taxpaying public, his UK Office number and email address are:
01995 602225
[email protected]

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