Shropshire road pricing coalition

West Midlands TaxPayers’ Alliance supporter and author of the 1.8 million signature Downing Street website petition against road pricing, Peter Roberts, has become involved as secretary of a new coalition to campaign against proposals for congestion charging in Shrewsbury town centre (Birmingham Post).

Led by Daniel Kawczynski MP, the local coalition also includes the Shrewsbury Friends of the Earth, Shrewsbury Business Chamber and the No Way Group, a coalition group set up four years ago to campaign against plans for a new relief road. These diverse groups have come together as part of the ongoing fight against road pricing in the area after it was one of only ten places named as a potential site for a trial of the congestion charging scheme. Plans were shelved at the end of July but Mr. Kawczynski vowed to fight on until the prospect is truly dead and buried. The coalition certainly seems to have the support of local residents with an online poll currently showing 1,103 against and only 31 in favour of congestion charging.

Like all road pricing proposals, these pose a threat to enterprise and investment in the area and the trial is liable to put the town at a competitive disadvantage.

By the time of the full public consultation on the matter in January the coalition hope to have garnered enough support to present a petition to the Commons and see off this threat for good, so if you live in the area and want to show your support for the campaign you can sign the petition here.


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