Snouts in the Trough: Nick Clegg MP

The headlines in the paper should read: ‘Multimillionaire claims taxpayer money for house renovation’


Snouts_in_troughIt was revealed yesterday that the multimillionare leader of the Liberal Democrats – Nick Clegg, the MP for Sheffield Hallam – claimed just over £7,000 of parliamentary expenses to renovate his Sheffield home, installing new curtains and other upgrades.  This marks the culmination of a strong campaign by the blogger Guido Fawkes and rightly exposes the snouts-in-the-trough mentality of our political class. 


When was the last time you were given £7k for your home improvements?  While the rest of the country works, earns and saves to make their home their castle, Clegg and other politicians fleece you for their own home improvements.  As always it’s one rule for them, one for the rest of us.


So we now do what we do best – hold him to account.  Ask him why he decided to hand us the bill for his home improvements.  Furthermore, if you live in his constituency go and see him.  Here are the contact details for Nick Clegg as well as the contact number for you to book an appointment at his surgery.


Nick Clegg M.P. 85 Nethergreen Road, Sheffield S11 7EH
Tel: 0114 230 9002 Fax: 0114 230 9614
Email: [email protected]
Nick holds regular advice surgeries for constituents. To make an appointment please contact the constituency office on 0114 230 9002

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