Spending Plan

How would you reduce spending?
This is how we would: The TaxPayers' Alliance has produced The Spending Plan, a landmark report setting out exactly how any government could reduce spending.

Disagree with us? 
What would you do if you were chancellor? Use this calculator, with all of our suggestions available, to see if you can be bolder than the politicians. If you don't agree with all of our proposals what would you do instead?

Click here for the spending plan summary • Or click here for the full report

Update: Our Spending Plan Explained blog series has more detail on all our policies

Spending Plan Proposals

You've reduced spending in 2020-21 by £0 million!

    Abolish Departments
  • Education
  • Health
  • Pay and Pensions
  • Transport
  • Welfare
  • Other

You've reduced spending in 2020-21 by £0 million!

Think your friends can do better?
*Please note that some numbers have been rounded and proposals abbreviated. Please check the original document for details of our proposals

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