Spending Plan Poll

Spending Plan Poll

Thank you to everyone who voted in our Spending Plan Poll. Here is the final result:

Cut Quangos, Scrap HS2, Abolish DfID
1) Cut the number, scope and budgets of Quangos and public bodies (19%)
2) Scrap HS2 (18%)
3) Abolish the Department for International Development, scrap development aid and transfer humanitarian responsibilities to Foreign & Commonwealth Office and Ministry of Defence (17%)
4) Reduce the welfare cap to £20,000 (11%)

All other policies received less than 5% of the vote share.

Altogether, implementing just these 4 policies would save over £20 billion from the deficit.

Thank you very much for letting us know what you thought of our policies, hopefully even if you didn't vote for one of these options yourself you can agree with at least one of them.

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With the end of our Spending Plan Explained blog series we want to know, which of our policies do you think is the most sensible? Below are all 41 of our suggestions for eliminating the deficit. Vote and check back next week to find out the result.

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