Stafford make cutbacks

Stafford Borough Council are publicising the fact that they plan to axe 8 cashier jobs, at a total saving of £80,000 per annum, ending the option for residents to make cash payments at council offices in an effort to encourage them to pay their bills by direct debit or credit card.


Stafford Although it's heartening that this council are willing to make cutbacks and promote greater efficiency in order to save public money, it seems that Stafford are missing the opportunity to save much more by trimming back on their growing middle-management.


Our Council Spending Series showed that the cost of managers on £50k per year nearly quadrupled at Stafford Borough Council between 1997 and 2007, with more than three times as many executives being recruited in 2007 for jobs that simply didn’t exist in 1997.


What is more, their spending on council publicity rose by 102.9% over the same time period.


Our Ten Percent Challenge showed that by shaving just 10% off what Stafford Borough Council spend on publicity, middle-management and employer contributions to the staff pension pot they stand to save £225,600.


It’s good that this council are looking at how they can save, but if they’re really serious about giving residents value for money there’s much more they can, and should, do.


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