Supporters' Action Day in Swansea

Supporters of the TPA were out in Swansea last weekend, collecting signatures against the Council’s move to increase Council Tax by 5 per cent.

Swansea is Wales second largest city, with a growing student population and an evermore urban feel. On Saturday supporters met with local shoppers, all of whom were concerned about the severe Council Tax increases. Many of them questioned why the increase is so high, particularly as taxpayers across the Bristol channel in Devon are having their Council Tax frozen.

Our petition gained nearly 200 signatures in just over an hour. Supporters and signatories were all encouraged to hold their local representatives to account for their failure to protect taxpayers from some of the most severe increases in household bills.

It is time that local authorities cut out wasteful spending and ensured that taxpayers are getting a fair deal. The War on Waste will continue in Wales, with the future action days planned.

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