Surrey County Council's £10k 'booze up'

Whilst I was searching for information on my previous blog, I came to this story from the Surrey Advertiser that I just had to write about.

In an obscene act of arrogance and hubris, Surrey County Council big wigs, councillors and public sector worthies will be spending £10,000 of taxpayers’ money on, what one councillor described as, a “booze up”.

Under the umbrella of ‘Surrey Together’, the leader of the County Council (who, with all the waste going on is turning into the ultimate pantomime villain) as well as the health and police chiefs and 53 others will meet at an exclusive hotel to plan new ways of ‘working together’.  Well bully for them.  

Roberto Tambini, the chief executive of Spelthorne Council and organiser of the event, even had the temerity to say that the public sector “has its back to the wall”.  For the record, Mr Tambini earned a six figure salary last year.  If there was anyone with their back to the wall, it certainly isn’t the chief executive of Spelthorne Council.

No, Mr Tambini, the people against the wall are the Surrey taxpayers who are losing their jobs in the recession.  If  - oh and this is a big if when looking at the politicians we’re dealing with – if the public sector had its back to the wall councillors would forego their allowances and jollies such as this and show some solidarity by reducing council tax as well as making cutbacks and savings like we all have to nowadays.  They had the chance todo so when our Surrey TPA group met with the council recently.  It’s just a shame they didn’t heed our words.  Now they will dine tonight at our expense at one of Surrey's finest hotels.  I tell you, it’s stories like this and the arrogance of some politicians that really make me sick of politics at times.

Cllr Skellett demanded the event go ahead at a recent council meeting despite pleas for him to cancel it.  I can only suggest you inform him of how insensitive his decision is and how out of touch this decision has made him appear.  You can contact him here.


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