Swanage campaign day

Yesterday I went down to Swanage in Dorset to do a bit of campaigning with our South West supporters.  Mike Hobson, our local spokesman, had gathered together half a dozen TPA supporters to help us campaign along the sea-front and the nearby marketplace.












In Swanage we got one of the best receptions I've seen here in the TPA.  A coastal town, in the South West, had seen another 4% increase in their council tax.  Dorset County Council had even lost millions in the Bernie Madoff scandal - the costs passed onto the taxpayer out of council ineptitude.  Naturally, the local residents and even some tourists were outraged at the rates going up yet again.


After handing out roughly 500 leaflets we went for a congratulatory pint.  But what more could you ask for than good company, a friendly audience and views like this below:



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