Swansea Council to restrict rubbish collections

Cardiff and Anglesey councils are proposing monthly collections of non-recyclable rubbish. Carmarthenshire and Monmouthshire currently restrict the amount of waste collected from residents and now Swansea Council says it is going to limit the number of black bags residents are allowed to put out for collection.

Although the council has formally not made up its mind on the issue, and the cabinet are discussing it this week, the move appears to be a foregone conclusion. The council is already outlining the dates of publicity campaigns and the implementation dates.

Just like those other councils in Wales who are reducing their rubbish collection services, Swansea will not be reducing the amount of Council Tax local people have to pay. The council claims it is all to do with statutory recycling targets, however figures obtained by Media Wales highlight that recycling rates in Swansea currently stand at 52 per cent, which currently meets Welsh Government targets.

The council has said there will be exceptions for large families, houses of multiple occupation, and in areas where there are physical restrictions, however for everyone else woe betide you if you generate more than three bin bags worth of rubbish every fortnight. Those who fail to comply with the new arrangements when they are introduced will face formal enforcement action.

If councils want residents to recycle more, they should constructively engage with them and make it as easy as possible. When will politicians ever learn that draconian measures like this only serve to alienate the public? Council taxpayers are customers. They don’t deserve threats.

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