TaxPayers' Alliance launches campaign against monthly bin collections in Cardiff

The TaxPayers' Alliance in Wales is today launching a campaign against Cardiff City Council's proposals for monthly bin collections. These proposals, if implemented, would mean local residents getting a much poorer service for the huge amount of Council Tax they pay. The proposals also risk damaging the environment with the inevitable increase in fly-tipping and vermin that will result.

The Council is also planning to impose draconian fines on those residents who may accidentally place recyclable waste in their normal rubbish bin. How the Council plans to administer this is not clear, however such a measure will only serve to anger residents who make an honest mistake and are penalised for doing so.

Local supporters will hold street stalls in various locations across Cardiff and will ask local residents to support our campaign by signing our petition against these proposals. 

Here's where we're going to be over the next three weeks:

Saturday 19 October

11.00am - High Street, Llandaff
1.00pm - Merthyr Road, Whitchurch

Saturday 26 October

11.00am - Ty Glas Shopping Precinct, Llanishen
1.30pm - Albany Road (Outside Tesco Metro), Roath

Saturday 2 November

11.00am - Cowbridge Road East (outside Tesco Metro), Canton
Please come along and say hello, and if you can spare 20 minutes to give us a helping hand, please let me know. We also have an online petition (below) which you can sign.

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