TaxPayers' Alliance says some Lib Dem ideas straight from cloud cuckoo land

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Responding to the launch of the Liberal Democrat manifesto, James Roberts, political director of the TaxPayers' Alliance, said:

"While the Lib Dems should be applauded for at least attempting to balance the books, some of these ideas are straight from cloud cuckoo land. 

“The commitment to reducing our national debt is a sensible move in an election marked by spending promises, and will be welcomed by anxious ratepayers. But proposals to sting voters with increases in income tax, to raise more money for healthcare, alongside an extension of the senseless sugar tax, will go down like a cup of cold sick. 

"On air passenger duty these plans simply don't fly, with government getting involved in your travel planning when it would be much easier to simply halve the rate or abolish this hated holiday tax altogether."

“While we commend the Liberal Democrats for heeding our calls to keep election promises affordable, further tax raids at a time when the tax burden is at a record high are the opposite of what voters expect from a prudent third party.”

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