Taxpayers angered by fire chief's pension pot

The Express & Star revealed today that disgraced ex-West Midlands Fire Chief Frank Sheehan will be receiving a taxpayer-funded pension of over £100,000 despite being forced to quit following a child pornography investigation.


Sheehan, who was not charged as the CPS claimed it wasn’t in the public interest to do so, has been placed on the sex offenders register for two years after police raided his home and arrested him on suspicion of making indecent images of children.


Frank-sheehan Despite the appalling circumstances surrounding his sharp exit from the West Midlands Fire Service, according to the article Sheehan will still have the option to “commute” up to a quarter of his pension, allowing him to take a lump sum of £363,834 and subsist on a generous annual package of £75,276.


Many taxpayers emailing the WMTPA have insisted that there should have been a steeper financial penalty due to the criminal activity that caused Sheehan’s departure, and all resent having their taxes go toward such an impressive pension pot.


It certainly seems nonsensical that those who’ve behaved in such a deplorable manner and in contravention to the law should be paid so handsomely by the very public they’ve at best offended and at worst, compromised.


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