Taxpayers introducing local democracy

A local Dorset campaign group has used UK legislation to stage its own ‘parish referendum’ on the EU constitution.


From the BBC:


“Villagers in Dorset are using part of UK legislation to stage a referendum on the EU Treaty.


Demands for a national ballot on the treaty have been refused by ministers.


However, campaign group Carp has used a part of the Local Government Act to stage a parish poll in East Stoke, near Wareham, next Thursday.


The outcome would not have any formal impact on government policy, but the group's aim is to increase pressure on ministers to hold a national vote.


In East Stoke, 339 voters will be asked to vote yes or no to the question, "Do you want a referendum on the EU Constitutional Treaty?"


Carp - Campaign Alliance for Referendums in Parishes - is also attempting to stage votes in other counties in England.


The campaign includes members of UKIP but it says it is not a party political group.”


This is an interesting breakthrough.  I will certainly be looking into this to see what else we can get parish votes on.  Anyone for a referendum on abolishing the hated council tax? 

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