The chance to do your bit!

EyeEver since we came across a story on the BBC website advertising for residents to join Lancaster City Council’s ‘independent remuneration panel’, we’ve found that all councils have to have some form of panel to initiate hearings and make recommendations on councillor allowances.  This is where you can get involved as TPA activists.  Call your council, ask for the democratic services department and enquire about joining your borough’s independent remuneration panel.  They don’t meet often, however the decisions they make can have a real impact on taxpayers.


It’s time to get low-tax activists onto these panels to see that decisions on council allowances take into account the interests of taxpayers.  Norfolk County Council recently agreed to increase its councillor allowances by 28%.  We have a chance to stop such increases and keep council tax down.  So do your bit, get involved and make that welcome difference for your community. 


As always, if you do get on a council panel, then please let me know so we can give you any support and assistance you need.

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