The cost of the diversity demagogues

By: Benjamin Elks, grassroots development manager


Early last year we launched a campaign to ditch the diversity demagogues, to channel the endless fury of taxpayers towards the massive cost being imposed by the EDI industry on the public sector. The tens of thousands of people who signed our petition got a precious win this week when Esther McVey announced a major crackdown on EDI in Whitehall.


This is hugely welcome. The costs associated with EDI have grown out of control in recent years. The below is just a small selection of the various spending we’ve uncovered in the last couple of years. If you haven’t yet signed our petition, you can do so here. While the government has made a good start, there’s much more to do!


Millions given to Stonewall by public bodies

These controversial campaigners have received vast amounts of money from taxpayers, including £1.1 million in the 2022-23 financial year alone. While ministers have successfully withdrawn the civil service from much of this funding, many other organisations continue to take part in Stonewall’s schemes and provide grants.


Huge numbers of non-jobs

Our audit of 232 public bodies found 1,110 non-jobs including 682 in EDI, 263 in sustainability, 33 in race and 132 in culture.


EDI roles in town halls and the NHS

Breaking down the non-jobs, local councils alone have spent £52 million on EDI roles in the last three years, while NHS Trusts spent £13 million in just one year. 


Absurd grants

If you’re wondering what these EDI staff actually do, many are involved in facilitating grants. This includes £800,000 to decolonise Robert Louis Stevenson, and £286,971 to a theatre which put on a Drag Story Time for children aged three to seven.


Collecting merchandise

EDI officers have also been working hard, and spending a lot of money on LGBT-themed merchandise. This includes £66,000 spent by the police and tens of thousands of pounds spent by the fire service.


Rainbow crossings

For some reason, local government and NHS Trusts have decided that pedestrian crossings should be painted with rainbow colours. This cost councils £200,000 and NHS Trusts £33,000.


Staff networks

One of the more insidious developments has been the setting up of staff networks normally organised around some characteristic or interest. Far from harmless social clubs for after work or weekends, they take up vast amounts of staff time and budgets. They cost the NHS £1 million over three years, quangos a similar amount and the civil service £300,000. What do these networks do? Arrange film clubs, parties and talks during work hours.

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