The deficit? What deficit?

We've given them a chance but with 3 weeks to go we have yet to hear about how exactly the next Government is going to reduce the deficit. We've heard there's a commitment to do so but with additional pledges that will lead to spending more we can see that parties are putting their electoral prospects ahead of the necessity of deficit reduction, as our Chief Executive Jonathan Isaby explains in his latest video:

Our Spending Plan remains the only costed plan for reducing the deficit and getting Britain living within its means once again. It remains far more detailed than anything produced by either of the two men who wish to be Prime Minister after the election.

Getting spending under control is about much more than dealing with a tough fiscal climate. Reducing public spending should be part of a big picture strategy: it would mean lower taxes for families across Britain, less debt for future generations, and faster economic growth generating prosperity for all. 

Our Chief Executive, Jonathan Isaby, said in response to the manifestos:

"It's clear that nobody is facing up to the true scale of the deficit reduction challenge. It is a fantasy to pretend that you can balance Britain's books without significant spending reductions, and politicians must come clean about what they will be. The two men competing to enter Number 10 in three weeks' time cannot have their deficit reduction cake and eat it, too - they cannot keep talking about tough choices without saying which ones they are prepared to make. Voters deserve real honesty."

You can read our full press release here

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