The EU accounting shambles continues

ClownsMarta Andreasen, the former chief accountant of the European Union, has lost her claim against the EU for wrongful dismissal.  She was sacked after alleging that EU book-keeping was riddled with “slush funds and fraud” and disclosing that there was a £130million discrepancy between two sets of EU accounts which, incidentally, haven’t been signed off for the past thirteen years. 


This is how accountability seems to work in the EU.  Andreasen has done an excellent service to British taxpayers by making a stand on the dodgy dealings in the EU.  Taxpayers put billions into EU coffers each year and for there to be massive differences - £130million is not small change – in accounts year on year show that the EU needs to be held to account. 


Contact your MEP and demand that the EU sort out its accounts.  It’s our money, tell your MEP to fight for it.

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