The free speech crisis

Many people deny the existence of cancel culture, but when people can be hounded from jobs for expressing certain views, a proper debate is needed on the future of free speech. ThinkTent, together with the Free Speech Union, hosts a discussion about the rise of intolerance for differing viewpoints, how it affects different walks of life, and asks what can be done to turn back the tide.



From Sunday 4th to Tuesday 6th October, the TaxPayers’ Alliance and the Institute of Economic Affairs hosted the 7th annual ThinkTent, which brought together politicians, journalists, academics, and business leaders to discuss some of the key issues facing the country. Due to coronavirus restrictions, the political party conference season moved online this year, so we live streamed all our events on YouTube.


Mark Littlewood (Chair) | Director General of the Institute of Economic Affairs
Mark Littlewood is Director General of the Institute of Economic Affairs and the IEA’s Ralph Harris Fellow. Mark is recognised as a powerful, engaging and articulate spokesman for free markets. He also features as a regular guest on flagship political programmes such as BBC Question Time, Newsnight, Sky News and the Today Programme. He writes a regular column for The Times and features in many other print and broadcast media. Mark also sits on the Board of Big Brother Watch, a non-profit organisation fighting for the protection of privacy and civil liberties in the UK.

Inaya Folarin Iman | Founder and Director of the Equiano Project
Inaya Folarin Iman is a writer, social and political commentator, and campaigner. She is the founder and director of The Equiano Project, a discussion and ideas forum which promotes freedom of speech on issues of race, culture, and politics. Inaya sits on the Board of Directors of the Free Speech Union and is a columnist for Spiked! Magazine.

Laurence Fox | Actor and Activist
Laurence Fox is an actor and singer-songwriter, who shot into the political limelight in January 2020 after his appearance on BBC Question Time, in which he gave an impassioned defence for free speech. His remarks sparked controversy, with acting union Equity eventually forced to withdraw their critical comments of Fox and apologise. Most recently, Fox announced he was launching his own political party to reclaim British values and reform public institutions to free them from political bias.

Toby Young | General Secretary of the Free Speech Union
Toby Young is the General Secretary of the Free Speech Union, which he founded in February 2020. He is an author and journalist, and the co-founder of several free schools. In addition to being associate editor of The Spectator, he is an associate editor of Quillette.

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