The impact of the Spending Plan

March 24, 2015 10:59 AM

It's been nearly 2 weeks since we released our Spending Plan and both politicians and the media are picking up on our key message: Be honest about cuts.

The deficit needs to be eliminated if Britain is to have a sustainable level of spending. All the political parties seem to be committed to 'balancing the books' but what does that mean? As our political director Dia Charkravarty recently pointed out on BBC Question Time:

Whoever comes to power in May will be implementing some of [our proposals] , but they're not going to tell you about it, you'll find out about them once they've been implemented

Our Spending Plan is currently the only costed plan to eliminate the deficit and the media is finally picking up on our central message "Be honest about cuts". Here are just a few examples of the media pushing for answers:

  • Sunday 15th March - Andrew Marr challenges Ed Balls with the Spending Plan
  • Thursday 19th March - Paul Johnson at Institute for Fiscal Studies post-Budget briefing says Osborne has to come clean about welfare cuts he intends to make
  • Thursday 19th March - The Guardian editorial reads "Huge questions need to be answered"
  • Friday 20th March - The Independent and i front pages carry headlines calling for honesty on cuts
  • Friday 20th March - Jonathan Dimbleby grills panelists on Any Questions, asking MPs to get specific on the cuts needed
  • Saturday 21st March - Paul Johnson writes in The Times to say Balls and Osborne need to come clean on the cuts needed
  • Sunday 22nd March - Andrew Marr uses the Spending Plan to challenge Nigel Farage on the cuts needed
  • Sunday 22nd MarchCarolyn Quinn challenges the MPs on Westminster Hour to come clean on what cuts they'd make.

No-matter how you feel about our proposals, don't let politicians get away with avoiding the question until it's too late, tell them it's time to come clean.

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