The police take more Parliamentary expenses cases to the Crown Prosecution Service

The BBC is reporting that the police are taking more cases against MPs and Peers to the Crown Prosecution Service:


"Two more politicians face possible prosecution over their expenses after police passed on files to the Crown Prosecution Service. The Metropolitan Police has now passed files on six people from either the Lords or Commons to the CPS."

That is good news.  There is no way politicians should be able to get away with breaking the law in their expenses claims.  In order to start rebuilding trust in Britain's democratic institutions, justice needs to be done and those who have broken the law have to be prosecuted.  The TaxPayers' Alliance stands ready to prosecute any politicians who appear to have broken the law, if the CPS doesn't do its job and hold them to account.

At the same time, action needs to be taken by the Parliamentary authorities on the many politicians who may not have broken the law but have abused taxpayers money to claim for extravagant or unnecessary expenses.  They can't back down in the face of resistance from MPs.  And, the Kelly review's recommendations need to be implemented in full in order to tighten things up and make it less likely this will all happen again, if the recommendations are watered down it will suggest politicians just haven't learned their lesson.
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