The popularity of private schools rises

The Guardian reports that more parents now aspire for their children to go to university:

"The proportion of parents who would send their children to a private school if they could afford it has increased by nine percentage points in the past four years, according to research commissioned by independent schools. The proportion of Labour voters who would consider private education has also increased by 13 points, the study suggests.

Parents are worried about standards and discipline in state schools, private school headteachers claimed. The Independent Schools Council's head of research said many parents appeared to be seeking a "haven of moral values".

The ISC commissioned Ipsos Mori to conduct a poll of 2,000 people, including 600 parents. Of the parents, 57% said they would send their child to a private school if they could afford it - up from 48% in the last poll in 2004 and 51% overall since 1997. Some 7% of pupils are currently educated in private schools."

As we've noted before, most of the big benefits of education at independent schools aren't dependent upon greater resources but, instead, greater freedom for teachers and choice for parents.

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