The Public Sector Rich List media roundup

We have had some great coverage of our Public Sector Rich List so here are some of the highlights:

We had a hat-trick of front pages from the Daily Mail covering Town halls, the NHS and the Police services and a double page spread on high pay in the state education sector.

Our chief Executive, Jonathan Isaby, wrote about the importance of FOI and transparency for the Yorkshire Post.

Articles detailing the extent of our work were syndicated far and wide, for example the Express and Star reported our work to expose the cost of staffing to the taxpayer in schools and universities.

Jonathan also wrote on Conservative Home about our Town Hall Rich List detailing high remuneration in local councils up and down the country.

Our expose of NHS pay got coverage far and wide; the BBC’s coverage was amongst the most widely read.

These are but a few of the stories we have prompted with our groundbreaking research. You may have read others in your local papers but all in all a very busy week at the TPA.

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