TPA Compendium of EU-related research

As we have previously made clear, the TaxPayers’ Alliance is not campaigning for either side in the impending EU referendum. 

But over the years the TPA has scrutinised a number of aspects of spending at a European Union level and as people seek facts on which to base their decision about how to vote, we have had a number of requests from supporters for more information.

We have therefore collated below a compendium of all the original EU-related research we published between 2008 and 2015. We wouldn’t claim that it offers a comprehensive set of data which will at a stroke tell undecided voters all they need to know in order to make up their mind; but we publish it in the spirit of providing further facts and figures to help inform voters who will clearly want to draw on a whole range of sources.

In reviewing our analysis over the past eight years, there is no doubt that the EU has wasted British taxpayers' money over time, whether it be the burdens imposed by Common Agricultural Policy, the burgeoning EU quangocracy or the grants we exposed going to TV production companies.

The question we now have to answer as a nation is whether the costs of EU membership are outweighed by the benefits.

And if you are not registered to vote, you have until midnight tonight to do so at

Andrew Allum and Jonathan Isaby
Chairman and Chief Executive

Level Failed (01.09.2015)
This research revealed that more than £2 million has been given by the EU in grants to video game productions.

Taxpayers' TV (31.08.2015)
This research revealed that more than £10 million has been given by the EU in grants to TV productions.

The European Development Fund (20.07.2015)
While sitting outside the EU budget, the EDF is managed by the EU Commission’s Directorate-General for Development and Cooperation and this research note examines the beneficiaries of the cash.

EU Fiscal Factbook (16.09.2013)
This handy factbook provided a clear overview of the UK contribution to the EU and where the money then goes.

Taxpayer Funded Environmentalism (19.06.2012) and Taxpayer Funded Environmentalism (05.07.2013)
This research analysed the funding received from the EU by environmentalist groups which often campaign in turn for new regulations which hit taxpayers in the pocket.

Terms of Endearment (06.12.2011)
This paper identified the twenty pieces of the jigsaw that it would be in Britain’s national interest to slot together to form a new deal with the EU.

EU Funding of Party Political Research (07.09.2010)
This research examined how, in addition to funding for political parties, the EU provides significant amounts to research institutes supporting political parties.

Cost of EU Flags (15.07.2010)
The Foreign Office replied to our Freedom of Information request asking how much it has spent on EU flags.

European Union Orchestras (04.05.2010)
This research note explored how the EU budget is being used to fund a wide range of orchestras, concerts and music festivals.

Britain's Justice and Home Affairs Opt Ins (02.04.2010)
This research note, compiled using Freedom of Information requests, revealed a list of areas in the justice and home affairs sphere in which the British Government has surrendered its opt out in Brussels.

The Expansion of the EU Quangocracy (30.03.2010)
This research examined the growing number and cost of EU quangos.

Conservative Party policy after the ratification of Lisbon (04.11.2009)
After the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, this paper showed that only by delivering on a clear set of objectives would the UK’s position with the European Union ever be firmly settled.

The Expensive Failure of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (03.10.2009)
This report presented new evidence that the EU Emissions Trading Scheme was failing to perform and examined the costs it was imposing on families.

EU Diplomats (01.09.2009)
This report set out how the EU was spending money effectively promoting it own foreign policy.

The European Commission’s Libraries (01.05.2009)
This paper examined the use and cost effectiveness of the European Commission’s libraries. 

Funding Surprises from the EU Grants List (01.05.2009)
This research sought to lift the lid on some of those who are in receipt of grants for the EU.

Reforming EU Development Assistance (03.04.2009)
This report set out detailed proposals for reforming EU development assistance in order to ensure transparency and accountability. 

How an MEP can become a millionaire in just one 5-year term (01.03.2009)
An explanation of an MEP’s salary, allowances, expenses and pension.

The new estimated total cost of the EU (01.03.2009)
A calculation of the cost to each citizen of membership of the EU.

Costing the Common Fisheries Policy (27.01.2009)
This report set out the first ever comprehensive costing of the Common Fisheries Policy.

How the CAP costs families nearly £400 a year (01.01.2009)
This research analysed the burden imposed on families by the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) in terms of the cost of the policy and impact on food prices.

The Cost of the EU's Renewables Policy (03.12.2008)
This report set out the range of estimates of the cost of the EU's renewables policies.

Locating the Source of the UK's Regulatory Burden (27.10.2008)
This paper presented a comprehensive picture of the sources of the UK’s regulatory burden, examining how much regulation emanates from the EU and Whitehall.