The United Nations Human Rights Council decide that our monarchy is a pressing international human rights issue

With so many human rights abuses around the world, the United Nations Human Rights Council should be busy reporting on issues of enforced starvation, executions of people for their lifestyle choices and the denial of the vote to huge numbers of people around the world.  Instead, they have turned their attention to Great Britain, and issued a report claiming we need a referendum on the Monarchy and a the idea of a written constitution.


In return for the £69 million British taxpayers send to the United Nations every year, we should be able to expect that humanitarian crises in Zimbabwe, Sudan, North Korea, Iran and Somalia leave little time for interfering in our own constitutional affairs.  Many members of the commission – such as China, Saudi Arabia and Cuba – should pay a little more attention to their own human rights record.  Unfortunately, the United Nations Human Rights Council thinks these issues aren’t quite pressing enough to preclude meddling in an advanced democracy with a globally admired way of settling constitutional issues. Next time the United Nations comes begging for more support we should remember this insulting waste of money.

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