The us and them Olympics

So there we have it. If you didn't already feel like the 2012 Olympics was being run by people more concerned with their own interests than those of the public, the latest development must have driven the message home: bureaucrats, VIPs and politicians are to get their own road lanes to let them skip traffic james in 2012.


Frankly, this sums up the way the Games have thus far been planned. If there are financial problems, the public are expected to take the pain. The same seems to go for traffic problems.


We already have a serious divide between the taxpaying public and the growing class of quangocrats, public sector executives and politicians who live off them. People in the private sector pay more into public pensions than they do into their own retirement funds. MPs get their own, more secure method of filing tax returns at HMRC. Those who fail in the public sector rarely face the consequences, and even enjoy massive payoffs when they do step down.


Can you imagine the scene - the ordinary people who have paid the billions for the Olympics are forced to sit in traffic jams whilst the apparatchiks in their taxpayer-funded cars, fuelled by travel allowances, sweep past in their private, jam-free lanes? Any poor sod who gives in to temptation and dares to drive on the officials-only lanes that they were made to pay for through their taxes will be fined for it, and presumably taken to court if he can't or won't pay.


The development of a chasm between the public sector elite and taxpayers in Britain has alwas been an outrage, but this will bring it to life and make it flesh. Not only have you been charged heavily for the Olympics, here's a slap in the chops to drive home exactly how much the establishment takes you for granted.

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