Tim Newark speaks to Exeter students during Freshers’ Week

Students dressed as pirates, cartoon characters and much more besides wandering along the streets of Exeter — it had to be Freshers’ Week! More soberly dressed University of Exeter students gathered for a Freshers’ Week TPA event at the Imperial pub, a favourite with local students for many years and situated next door to the campus.

I spoke to a big gathering of Exeter students about past TPA successes, many achieved with their help, such as Cut Cider Tax and other campaigns to reduce alcohol duty. We also spoke about plans for future campaigns and our current War on Waste. Generally, the new students were impressed with our practical, focussed grassroots campaigning.

‘The Taxpayers’ Alliance is a fantastic organization that can help engage students who are disillusioned with mainstream Westminster politics,’ says Exeter student Chris Carter.

‘It is a great way for students to get involved with an important national campaign and gain good experience in campaigning with a non-partisan organization. Students can help by coming to the TPA local action days, engaging with the TPA national campaigns and enquiring into local government spending.’

Asking the new students what taxes bother them most, I got a variety of replies. ‘Transport taxes,’ said one, ‘I hate paying air passenger duty and the fuel levies.’ Inheritance tax too concerned a lot of students, plus a demand to go back to our wine and spirits duty campaign and push the government further on reducing that. I wonder why? Cheers!

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