Top Bath restaurateurs support campaign to cut tax on wine and spirits

Tim Newark March 12, 2014 2:36 PM

Leading Bath restaurateur, Charlie Digney, proprietor of award-winning local restaurants the King William, the Garrick’s Head and Oakhill Inn, joined Bath popular bar owner Fari Nejad of Opium to support our national campaign calling for the duty on wine and spirits to be cut.

‘Sometimes I feel as if all we do in business is pay tax,’ says Charlie Digney. ‘I pay huge duty on the purchase of alcohol. Then, I have to collect 20% of sales in VAT. I pay about 13% above my wage bill in National Insurance. Our company employs 40 people, at least 15 work full time, so ours is their main income. Less tax on wine would allow us to reduce our prices yet improve profit margins, it would be a win-win situation.’

Other Bath restaurateurs have also stepped up to support our campaign.

‘I didn’t get into this business to be a tax collector,’ says Marty Grant of popular Bath bar and restaurant Gascoyne Place. ‘Every time I blink it’s £10. I have a passion for food and wine, but I don’t think the customer fully appreciates how much it costs us in taxes and business charges just to turn on the lights here. A cut in wine duty would certainly help.’

Go to to send a letter to your local MP calling for a cut in the duty on wine and spirits.

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