Top Down or Bottom Up politics?

I’ve added this blog as an addendum to my blog on Norwich yesterday.  At one point, and only one, did my head dip for a moment.  I was speaking to a chap about our campaign.  He agreed with us, wanted lower taxes but then came out with a stonker:


“But it don’t matter what you do, it’ll never happen.”


I couldn’t believe my ears.  Here was an ally in the campaign, someone clearly over-taxed and on side, yet wouldn’t even sign a petition to support the campaign.  Sometimes, talking informally whilst off the clock, I speak to friends and they can refute some zany ideas with the line “it ain’t ever gonna happen, Tim”.  But are lower taxes that far out of the imagination of some that they concede, in the face of polling that shows the country want lower taxes, that high taxes are here to stay?


I say they’re not.  Popular opinion in this country say's they're not.


That brings me to the title of this blog.  The British public have as little respect for politicians now more than ever.  They’ve seen their taxes squandered on waste, over-spending and plush expenses your average Briton never experiences.  Yet, despite being taken to the cleaners by the government at the end of every month - I’ve got to ask again – what are you going to do about it?


Do we want the politicians to decide our politics or are we going to change hearts and minds on the ground, showing how an independent, issue based campaign can lead the agenda, not just in the media, but in the public debate.  The parties have conceded Inheritance Tax is unfair, and have moved to increase the thresholds.  The Liberal Democrats have pledged £20 billion of tax cuts at the next election.  Councils, like Hammersmith and Fulham, have cut Council Tax and will continue to do so.  Bit by bit we are winning and it’s through your resolve and hard work in getting the message out and passing on the ideas for lower taxes and the principles behind them.


You can help us by recommending us to likeminded, over-taxed people you know and ask they join the campaign.  Write and get them to send a letter to their paper, MP and councillorsEmail me if you would like some recruitment leaflets and sign-up forms.  The momentum is with us and with your help we can push further for lower taxes in the UK.

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