Town Hall Rich List Roadshow - Croydon

We turned our attention to Croydon and paid a visit to Purley where Jo Negrini, the former chief executive of Croydon council, topped the remuneration charts with a package of £613,895!

Setting out our stall in the high street, we asked local residents whether this bumper payout was deserved - especially when you consider that under Ms Negrini’s watch the council went bankrupt with debts now estimated in excess of £1 billion!

Throughout the day our stall was inundated with visitors eager to have their say. Many stuck around to voice their anger and concerns at the financial mismanagement of the council. By the end of the day a clear result was recorded!

Just one member of the public said the golden goodbye was deserved. With the vast majority (too many to count - the ballot box overflowed!) saying the opposite.

So the message to Croydon Council is overwhelming. Taxpayers are fed up with rewarding failure, while in return they suffer a reduction in the quality of frontline services and higher council tax bills. The TaxPayers’ Alliance will continue to hold councils all across the nation accountable.

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