TPA activists in the news

Stephenpicot_stockport_express_6608Never ever doubt the tenacity of a TPA activist and heaven help a politician who gets in their way.  Over the past week TPA activists have appeared in all sorts of press coverage, from TV and radio to running stories in local papers. 


Stephen Picot commented here on a story you simply couldn’t make up.  Stockport Council spent £11,000 on a huge fence that ended up breaking its own planning rules.  Stephen kindly offered a quote and the story is the headline on the Stockport Express Website.


Our newly formed Islington branch made waves with this piece in the Islington Tribune slamming the Council publicity budget and calling for reductions in Council Tax.  This week the branch has made the front page, criticising the Lib Dem leader’s taxpayer-funded jolly to the United States


As you will see from our other blog on this today, yesterday’s Council Tax protest in Norwich got onto the TV, radio and local newsprint.  Our campaigners Barbara Lockwood and Tony Callaghan gave comment to press, TV and radio and continue to do so on a very regular basis.


Time and time again, the South West Surrey TPA is quoted in the Surrey news as you can see here and here from May alone.  Via a combination of meetings with MPs (including a shadow minister) as well as numerous letters and quotes, our SW Surrey branch is becoming a force to be reckoned with in Surrey.


This is the grassroots campaign in action.  People like you, with normal jobs paying too much tax, getting involved in the political process.  We can’t let the politicians have a monopoly over politics.  When they do we end up paying through the nose for their expenses, salaries and other perks. 


Our campaign looks to bring you into the political system so we can all fight for lower taxes and change our politics.  All our volunteers have one aim – lower taxes.  You can make a difference to your community just as Stephen, Barbara, Tim, Peter and our thousands of other activists are doing day in, day out.  Have a read about our grassroots campaigns and contact me to find out how you can contribute to the campaign.

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