TPA polling shows 84 per cent don't believe HS2 will benefit them personally

The TaxPayers' Alliance February 19, 2017 12:16 PM

As HS2 clears its final hurdle in Parliament on Monday, new polling has discovered that 84 per cent of the general public don't believe HS2 will benefit them personally, while 80 per cent don't believe the project will be delivered on budget.

On Monday, MPs are debating the Lords' amendments to the HS2 bill as HS2 phase 1 crosses its final hurdle. But a poll conducted by the TPA shows a lack of public appetite for the Government's hugely expensive vanity project.

  • Only a third or 35% of the British public support the construction of HS2
  • Just 9% of the public believe the project will be delivered on or under budget
  • 80% of the public believe the project will be delivered over budget with 50% believing it will be delivered “significantly over budget”
  • Three in ten (31%) members of the public say that the Government should prioritise improving commuter lines into major urban centre, compared to one in twenty (6%) who say the same of HS2.
  • When asked to choose two priorities from a list of 7:
  • 49% said repairs on minor roads are a priority
  • 34% said high speed broadband across the country is a priority
  • 31% said improving commuter rail lines into major urban centres is a priority
  • 23% said road repairs on motorways are a priority
  • 8% said new motorways are a priority
  • 6% said HS2 is a priority
  • Only 10% of the public believe HS2 will benefit them personally
  • 84% of the public do not believe it will benefit them personally
  • 55% of the public do not believe it will benefit them at all
  • People living in the Midlands and the North are less likely than those who live in London to say that HS2 will benefit them personally (83% and 82% v 74%).
  • People in the North are more likely than Londoners to think that London will benefit from HS2 than they are themselves (42% v 33%). 
  • People in the Midlands are the least likely group to say that their region will benefit from HS2, with 43% of people saying this compared to 51% of Londoners.

John O'Connell, Chief Executive of the TaxPayers' Alliance, says:

"HS2 with its flawed business case is nothing but an expensive vanity project. The fact that the Government is ploughing ahead with it despite the lack of public support just shows how our out of touch glory-chasing politicians refuse to listen to taxpayers' concerns as they waste our money."

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