TPA Protests

The TaxPayers’ Alliance Grassroots Campaign holds protests in support of taxpayers taken to court over Council Tax issues. To date we have had four protests: one outside the Treasury, two in Barnet – though for different cases – and one in St Albans. Here are clips from two Council Tax protesters urging you – the taxpayer – to get involved in the campaign. Nothing happens if you don’t do something about it…

If you want to protest over your Council Tax, then please do get in touch with us. We can put you in contact with those who have gone through the courts to fight against Council Tax and offer you as much support as we can.  As Rick and Steve both stress above, we won't get anywhere unless we all do our bit.  We have rising Fuel Taxes, Council Tax, the Death Tax we need to kill off for good, Stamp Duty stamping out people's aspirations to own their own home...surely these taxes alone are enough to motivate you to join the campaign today

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