Two days, two new TPA organisers

Stuff_from_the_tpa_camera_024It’s been an exciting two days for the TPA grassroots campaign.  Yesterday activists from Hatfield, St. Albans and Stevenage got together for another meeting to organise yet more campaign activities in Hertfordshire.  They have already handed out well over 400 leaflets in a month, with more on their way.  If you’d like to get involved, their next meeting is on Monday 3rd December at the Ramada Jarvis Hotel in Hatfield so please email TPA organiser Martin Thornhill at [email protected] for more information and to get involved in the one of our leading TPA grassroots campaigns.  Also visit their campaign site  for campaign news and developments in Hertfordshire.


As our branches get stuck in fighting to overturn the high-tax, nanny-state consensus we’ve had two new organisers step forward in the last two days.  TPA supporter Sue Brockbank is looking for fellow activists to help set up a campaign in Oxford.  This can be a crucial area for the TPA, Oxford City Council is dominated by Socialists and Greens meaning that if we score a breakthrough in Oxford, we can start to fight back against those who think it’s no bad thing to increase taxes year on year and show our message resonates everywhere.  If you want to get involved and build a strong TPA campaign to hold the high-spending council to account email Sue at [email protected] and please put in the subject 'TaxPayers' Alliance'.


Today I have spoken to Cam Poulter in Wiltshire who wants to get in contact with fellow TPA members in Wiltshire to build a local TPA campaign.  In talking with Cam he’s determined to overturn the consensus and return some low-tax, better government principles to British politics.  If you want to join Cam in Wiltshire email him at [email protected] to get involved in the campaign for lower taxes in the South West.


Over the past two days we’ve had campaign developments in three very different areas.  Middle-England Hertfordshire has an excellent, stable and growing TPA branch campaigning for taxpayers.  In Oxford, we’re about to become the dissenting voice for lower taxes in a City run by those who think high taxes are a good thing.  And in rural and suburban Wiltshire we have a determined campaigner willing and ready to hold the government to account. 


Very clearly, our activist base is growing.  In addition to our thousands of supporters, we now have hundreds of activists out there holding our overspending politicians to account.  But we need your help to continue the campaign.  You can donate to the TPA here to help us continue the full time campaign for better government or email me at [email protected] to join the campaign and become an activist to spread the low tax message.  Remember that every bit we do, no matter how much, helps the campaign and, as Ronald Reagan said: "There's no limit to what can be achieved if you don't care who takes the credit".

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