Voters want lower taxes but politicians are stuck in the 90s

An excellent article by Tim Montgomerie, editor of ConservativeHome, in the Guardian contains this priceless quote:

"The consensus on tax within the political establishment isn't matched by the population at large. The same YouGov poll (pdf) that found strong support for David Cameron's Conservatives found even greater support for tax reduction: 67% of all voters said that the government should tax less and spend less and 20% said the tax and spending mix was about right. Only 8% of Labour supporters want more tax and spend, but our political leaders are deaf to these new facts. They are still living in the 1990s, when voters thought Britain was underspending. I imagine Cameron, Brown and Clegg going home to watch This Life DVDs and to listen to Portishead. They are all out of step with the new mood of voters. Voters want a refund from a political establishment that has wasted much of the extra taxes that have been paid."

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