War on Waste


Last year the Government spent £718 billion of our money – but far too much of that delivered little or no value. 

We've continually fought against wasteful local council spending and will continue to do so. Spearheaded by our findings from the 'Bumper Book of Government Waste', earlier this year, we launched the War on Waste – a new campaign to expose government waste and make the case for lower spending and lower taxes.

And in July, the TaxPayers’ Alliance hit the road with its War on Waste Roadshow. Taking in every region of England and Wales – including the constituencies of all three main party leaders – we were leafleting and talking to local residents about exactly how much of their tax money goes into funding empty properties and award ceremonies.

We drew attention to prominent examples of waste such as 'The Public' in West Bromwich; an unwanted art gallery which cost taxpayers £72 million and was closed a mere five years after it opened.

Even though the tour is over we're not done!

We're still continuing to host action days and raise awareness through the efforts of our local grassroots teams. So far we've been achieving more and more victories on behalf of the taxpayer. You can read more about our efforts below or use events page to see how active we've been in your local area. If you want to organise an action day in your local area contact us.